A few images, click for large versions:

Atari ATW 800 front view
Front view

Atari ATW 800 inside view
Inside view

Atari ATW 800 Blossom board
I/O subsystem hinged out, revealing Blossom board

Atari ATW 800 I/O subsystem
MegaST I/O subsystem

Atari ATW 800 farmcard
Farmcard with 4 T800 transputers

Atari ATW 800 boot diskette
The boot floppy. It originates from Atari Germany.

Mode 0 screenshot
Mode 0 screenshot. 1280 by 960 Pixels, 16 grayscales out of a pallette of 4096.

Mode 1 screenshot
Mode 1 screenshot. 1024 by 768 Pixels, 256 colours out of a pallette of 16.7 million.

Mandelbrot demo
Mandelbrot demo.

Raytracing demo
Raytracing demo.

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