Perihelion has stated that Helios is now freely distributable, as long as it is not being charged for. I will remove any software at the copyright holder's request.

I only provide Helios 1.3 and the 1.31 upgrade at this time. For the 1.1 and 1.2 versions, visit Ram Meenakshisundaram's excellent pages. He also has a 1.31 distribution available as one large download which contains some additional elements.

Ghostlink. Used with a null modem cable, it allows you to use a PC's drive on the ATW. The PC program will run in a DOS box under current versions of MS Windows.
STTRANS. Use this with a null modem cable to transfer files between TOS and/or DOS machines.
Unzip this to a TOS-formatted 720KB floppy to create the ATW boot disk, version 1.1. Edit host.con to fit your setup.
An updated version of server.prg.
An updated Morpheus driver.

Helios 1.3
Unzip these files to your Helios directory for a basic setup. Edit etc/initrc to fit your needs. The default file is for a single processor machine.

Using the 'loadpac' program, you can install these packages:
Upgrades Helios 1.3 to 1.31
Help files
Example source code
Some public domain utilities
C compiler
Source debugger
Helios file server
Ethernet package 1
Ethernet package 2
X-Windows version 11 release 4
Motif window manager

You can unzip these files to a floppy or hard disk and tell loadpac where to find the files. The X and Motif packages are too large for 720KB disks, so you will have to copy these to your harddisk and install from there.
More public domain stuff.

Transputer FarmCard Technical Manual
Multiprocessor Support

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